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Thank you very much for supporting Japanese Enjoyable Philosophy as always. I’m Saori Tanaka, working as managing editor. Since 2009, we have published Japanese Enjoyable Philosophy as a small paper magazine and just recently the 5th issue has been released.

While I was editing the latest issue as a bilingual version, I met some English speakers living in Japan and realized that such people are really interested in the philosophy situation in Japan. Knowing the philosophy situation in a country might be the fastest way to understand the culture itself, because it reflects various dispositions of thinking, such as on life, occupation, or education.

In order to promote such a situation in Japanese philosophy, we’ve started this new website including Philosophy Radio, Articles from back numbers, Editor’s Blog, and Philosophy Café. I am going to post on some topics such as untold stories behind editing Japanese Enjoyable Philosophy, back stories about interviews with philosophers, and Japanese philosophical news. I would like to post these topics in both English and Japanese for as long as I can.

For the English posts, I will upload each blog articles after it is proofread by Dr. Kevin Lynch, who is a young Irish philosopher living in Dublin. I hope you can enjoy Reading articles, Listing philosophy radio, and Going philosophy café!


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  • Akihiro Yoshinaga
  • Tomoyuki Murase
  • Yohsuke Tsuchiya
  • Masamichi Nakagawa

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  • Kuniaki Tawara
  • Mai Miyata

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  • Saori Tanaka

st-b-3s4Saori Tanaka, the director of MID Academic Promotions Inc., studied philosophy, ethics, and information science at Chiba University in Japan. She received her M.A. degree in literature in 2002 and her Ph.D degree in information science in 2008 from Chiba University. She was a visiting scholar at the University of Connecticut in the Unites States from 2003 to 2005. She has worked as technical staff at universities, a public institute, and a company in Japan. Through her academic experience both in Japan and the United States, she came to realize the importance of public relations and good writing in the academic field. She continues to do academic promotion in addition to her responsibilities at MID which include web content design, editing, podcasting, managing translators, and developing web applications. Recently she has opened Tabisyuwa (Travel Sign Language) for people working in the travel industry. She is now trumpeting the fact that philosophy and sign language go well together.

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