Japanese Enjoyable Philosophy

English Edition

A philosophy magazine has been released as a Kindle edition from Japan to the world. This is a first Japanese philosophy magazine for general public, which young philosophers collaborated to write accessible articles especially to high school students. Readers can listen to interview podcasts from philosophy-zoo.com

As a special issue in this volume, the editorial team interviewed Japanese philosophers and science communicators about the confusion between science and life since Japan, which has the third highest number of nuclear power plants in the world, was hit by a Tsunami and earthquake in 11 March 2011.

The English edition for this volume is now available on the following Kindle stores in the world.

■Japan: Amazon.co.jp

■USA: Amazon.com

■India: Amazon.in

■UK: Amazon.uk

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■France: Amazon.fr

■Spain: Amazon.es

■Italy: Amazon.it

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Japanese Edition/ 日本語版





■日本: Amazon.co.jp

■アメリカ: Amazon.com

■インド: Amazon.in

■イギリス: Amazon.uk

■ドイツ: Amazon.de

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